Learning Top Hotkey Dota

We know that sometimes it is great to have a little extra help when we are stuck in a map of highly complex games like Warcraft. So today we are going to spill everything about hotkey dota in the Primary Game Mode. During gameplay press ENTER to display message boxes between players. Type in the codes and then press ENTER. We unveil the most useful commands and passwords for your Warcraft III map. Here we go:

Ap (allpick): You can choose your hero from any tavern.

Ar (allrandom): Heroes at random.

Tr (teamrandom): Random Heroes team to which it belongs (scourge or sentinel).

Mr (moderandom): Random game between-ap-ar-tr or normal game.

Normal Mode: But you choose any other way, each player chooses a hero from the taverns of his side (sentinel or scourge)

League mode: Only work for 5v5. The command “-random” mode is turned off in the league. The elections of heroes are as follows:

First key gives Blue: pink and blue (Both have 20 seconds to choose), light green and purple (Both have 20 seconds to choose, gray and dark green (Both have 20 seconds to choose, yellow and orange (both have 20 seconds to choose from) and finally brown.

Rd (Random Draft): 20 random heroes are chosen at random to choose a hero have to wait your turn in the same manner as you play in-LM.

Sd (Single Draft Mode): players are presented with 3 different heroes, agility, strength and a hero of intelligence that can be selected.

Vr (Vote Random): 3 forms of play will be chosen at random and submitted for voting, players will vote for the specific type of game.

Er (Experimental runes): If you turn this game mode runes appear every 3 minutes (instead of 2) on both sides of the map.

Ts (Terrain Snow): This command will change the current map of Dota in a field of snow.

Movespeed): it shows the current movement speed of your hero.

di: Shows the number of creeps you killed and the amount of creeps you have denied.

You can also change the color of the water and for this you should choose the color you want: water blue, network or default. In terms of weather, you can opt snow, moonlight, and wind, random or turn it off. It is a fantastic kotkey dota to change the weather of your game. Thus, if you feel like changing the scenario, deactivate the effect of weather.